What do I know?

BeagleI didn’t grow up with a dog, my first dog found me at the age of 11.  A small sized full grown Beagle.  She came up to me as I played in my front yard and stayed.  My parents didn’t want any pets and so my brother and I hid her for two weeks and would make her go away before my father came home from work.  One afternoon he surprised us  by coming home early, it happened to have been trash day and the metal can was still on the sidewalk.  As he got out of the car yelling at me in Greek reminding me why he didn’t  want dirty animals playing with us;  Susie (oh yeah we named her) made her way between us and my father, stood her ground and started growling at him.  She made it clear that no one could yell at her kids.  Susie’s actions stopped my father in his tracks, he looked at her, shook his head and said ok you can keep her.  He saw value in an animal that would protect his children, and until her dying day she always protected us.

Susie was a great dog to teach me about being a responsible dog owner.  She was my best friend and I took her everywhere with me.  She would never allow someone to approach me that she felt was not a good person, and trust me she was a great judge of character.  If Susie approved of you though, she would be very excited to greet you and play with you.  Susie died right after high school graduation and before my first day in college. It was my first major loss in life and as sad as I was to lose my best friend, I knew, even then, that she had given me some amazing lessons about life. But the biggest lesson Susie taught me was how to listen to my dog.  It is imperative to be attuned to your animal. Since they can not verbalize who they are, what they are feeling and what they need, it’s important to pay attention to them.

Subsequently I have owned many dogs and many dogs have owned me.  Some came into my life for many years and others for a short time, but I learn from each relationship and I know I will continue to learn for as long as I own a dog.  Regardless of breed, sex, size or pedigree EVERY dog is different.  I hope with this blog I can help people recognize their dogs individuality and become the best dog owner they can possibly be.

I have a natural ability with dogs and my dogs tend to be very well behaved.  Not the kind of dog that sits in the corner until you give it the ok to leave, but the kind of dog that is well balanced.  I had one family member tell me once, how are you so lucky that you always get the good dogs (I had just rescued another dog from a shelter).  What she never realized was, that it wasn’t the dog, it was my approach with them.   Currently we have several VERY large dogs on property and some small guys too.  A professional dog trainer came over to pick up a rescue we had just liberated and he was shocked at how well everyone got along and how calm the dogs were.  He was fabulous at teaching one dog at a time to sit until called (still can’t do that.. lol), but he admitted that he couldn’t get an entire pack to be that chill.

My husband and I own several dogs and we are the organizers for two dog groups in San Diego.  I specialize with mastiffs and french bulldogs, and honestly I can’t imagine my life without these two breeds in it.  I love all dogs though and feel that there is a breed out there for everyone.  Because of our dog groups we often are contacted to help with a dog that needs a home, so we rescue when we can and love when a dog finds their furever home with our help.

As you read my blog, you will realize that if nothing else I have opinions and at times some pretty strong ones.  I do though uphold my opinions with statistics and links to other pages when I can.  If you feel the need to contact me you can email me at  You can also visit my fb page at  I will post dogs that need homes on my blog page and on my fb page.

Mostly let’s have fun with this blog, I hope you enjoy my postings.  I look forward to learning as much from you as you do from me.  We can always take our dogs to the beach for some good old fashioned doggie fun.

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