The Angel

The Angel

Look at that angelic face, she’s so pretty and so sweet.  The perfect dog, yes? NO!  She is a beautiful French Bulldog and for the most part her disposition is perfection.  She is kind, submissive without being insecure and she was a very easy dog to potty train, so why is she named Poopita?  Well her given name is Penelope and it suits her, but she also earned the nickname Poopita.  Penelope aka Penny had the horrific habit as a young pup of eating her own feces.  I was absolutely horrified, this angelic dog had a disgusting habit.  Now what?  There is a medication for this exact behavior that you can stir into the dogs food, but I try to avoid the pharmaceutical approach when I can.  (you would never guess that I used to work for one the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies)  So I racked my brain, I remembered a breeder once telling me of this issue and how they resolved it.  It took a couple of days and then TA DA, I remembered.  Pineapple.  This wonderfully resourceful woman had told me that if you feed your dog pineapple they gobble it up because they love the flavor of it, but that once it has moved through their digestive system they abhor it and will avoid it like crazy.

I did my research, no where were there any red flags about giving pineapple to a dog, and I found others who corroborated her remedy.  So I bought cans of diced pineapple and I placed 4-5 pieces in her dish with her regular meals.  Like promised she gobbled them up and actually would eat her pineapple before her raw ground beef.  She LOVED the fruit.  She didn’t have any ill effects so I waited to see what would come of this.  Again as promised she found her feces disgusting and would not go anywhere near them.  Problem solved, yes?  NO!

The problem I uncovered was that she had no issues of ingesting the feces of our other dogs.  I know completely gross, can you imagine how I felt?   So the following day at mealtime EVERYONE received their share of pineapple.  All the dogs loved it and ate it eagerly.  As a general rule of thumb I believe that it takes 2 weeks to change a behavior, so with that rule in mind, we fed all our dogs pineapple for 2 weeks and had zero fecal incidents.

The two week period resolved this behavior and it was a natural and inexpensive fix.  I found Costco to have the best prices on my diced pineapple, but you can use fresh if you want to avoid any additives that canned pineapple may have.  I do not know if pineapple juice will have the same effect, I never tested it out.  The funny part of this story is that I told one of our vets what I did and she went home and used it on her dog.  She had a Poopita too, even the medical remedy didn’t work with her, but the pineapple did the trick.

I guess I should also add in that you should never allow feces to accumulate in your yard/dog area.  Feces can cause parasites and other medical issues, not to mention a fly infestation.  Our yard is cleaned twice daily and we use a bleach/water mix to disinfect the yard at least once a week.  Please do not have your dog around the bleach mix and make sure to completely hose the yard down so that there aren’t any pockets of bleach.  Bleach can cause serious injury to your pets and children.  If you have grass DO NOT do this.  We have a concrete yard.

So Poopita is no more, she is our beautiful Penelope once again.

Penny eating cake on her 1st birthday

Penny eating cake on her 1st birthday

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